4th of July Weekend Self Care Ideas

4th of July Weekend Self Care Ideas

Who would of thought we’d still be in a pandemic and quarantining in July?? We’ve been spending so much more time at home now! More than we ever expected at the beginning of the pandemic. And even on the holidays we are not celebrating in our usual way of family gatherings, BBQ’s and day parties. I truly believe that these unprecedented times have been somewhat of an invitation for us to get in tune with ourselves and focus on what’s most important. And part of that is taking better of ourselves.

So I would like to offer some ideas for self care this holiday weekend.

1. Get centered.  With everything going on in the world and new changes at home, many of us feel totally “out of whack”. With that being said, do something that brings you back to the center of who you are. Reading, yoga, cardio exercise, cooking a great meal, bubble baths, journaling...whatever it is, make time to do it!

2. Take it outside.  We’ve been cooped up in the house more than usual, so maybe take an everyday activity outside to change up the scenery. Perhaps you and the family can play a board game on the front porch, or do your morning workout on the patio? How about eating dinner outside? There is something about getting out that improves the mood and overall health.

3. Make time for gratitude. These last few months have been nothing shy of “different”! But even in the chaos we can find things to be grateful for. The fact that you are here to read this message is one of them 😊

4. DIY is always great. Indulge in a small project that you can do alone or as a family.  Paint stones for the yard, create art that can be framed and hung in a central place in your home, have a family pizza making contest. Get all of the ingredients and each person make their own. Post on social media and have your followers vote on the best pizza.  Fun, right? 😊

If you’re not having the traditional 4th of July celebrations, I’m hoping these ideas can help fill your weekend with fun, relaxation and self care. If you have other ideas I’d love to hear about them!

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Have fun this weekend!

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Great DIY ideas! Thanks!


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