5 Easy To Implement Selfcare Activities

5 Easy To Implement Selfcare Activities

Self care is not optional. In order to be the best version of ourselves we must take care of ourselves.  Selfcare is not just about taking a warm bath, but your TOTAL WELLBEING. 


Here we have listed 5 easy to implement self care activities to ensure you are focused on the total you!

1. Prepare a healthy meal.
You’ll feel pretty good that not only are you eating healthier, but you actually prepared it yourself 😊 

2.​ Don’t look at your social media for the first hour of your day.
This may be difficult for some. But you can do it! Allow yourself to ease into your morning with gratitude before seeing what others are doing.

3. Get outside!
Even if it’s for only 30 minutes. Take a stroll around the neighborhood or at nearby park. You’ll feel better that you’ve gotten some fresh air and sunshine!

4. Don’t jam pack your schedule!
If you’re ripping & running everywhere, you won’t have time for YOU! It’s ok to not accept every invitation. Really....it’s ok.

5. Get more sleep!
This is self explanatory 😊

These sound pretty simple, right? Let’s put a couple into action right away. Self care is not optional.


Vanessa 😊

(Vanessa Woods-White is the Founder & CEO of Divine Perfection Body Care & a selfcare enthusiast)

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I’m definitely going to work on not checking my social media first thing in the morning! I get side tracked and delayed on what I need to do! Thanks for this reminder 😊

Liz P.

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