Quarantine Mother’s Day: 5 Ways To Celebrate Mom

Quarantine Mother’s Day: 5 Ways To Celebrate Mom

Need some ideas to celebrate Mom this year? We know this year has been quite different, but we’ve put together some ways to creatively celebrate Mom at home this year!

1. Moms love brunch! Make her the perfect brunch to include outdoor seating if you can and if the weather permits. This change of scenery from the kitchen table can be just the thing to make it extra special. Of course, have all the fixins’ of a great brunch 😊 Here’s a French toast recipe that we love! https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/food-recipes/a28508117/no-flip-french-toast-recipe/

2. Give her the day off! Everyone pitch in to take on the laundry, dust, change all the linens, and shred the old mail. She will love the look of a fresh living space 😊 You could also fill a small tub with warm water for a nice foot soak for her. Our Detox Bath Tea would be perfect! Check it out here https://divineperfectionbodycare.com/collections/10-and-under/products/detox-bath-tea

3. Homemade gifts are the best! Moms love homemade gifts because they truly come from the heart. Whether it’s a beautiful card or drawing she’ll love it. Here’s a cool idea for a hand painted rock https://rockpainting101.com/mothers-day-rock-painting-ideas/

4. If you’re away from Mom you can still share a meal! Schedule delivery to both of your homes at the same time, from the same restaurant and share the meal over Zoom or FaceTime. It will be time well spent. You’ve gotta love technology 😊

5. Serve dinner on actual plates! I know this sounds funny, but since we’ve been quarantined we’ve been using more paper plates than ever! Break out the dishes for this special occasion. Bonus Idea: pick flowers from outdoors and add them to the table decor 🌺 

We hope these ideas help you celebrate a wonderful mom this Mother’s Day! Although the circumstances are very different this year, it can still be special. Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms!



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I really like the idea of ordering dinner from the same restaurant and having a FaceTime call! I think I will do that 😊

Lisa T .

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