Fall Decor is so fun!

Fall Decor is so fun!

Well we are right smack in the middle of the Fall Season!  It's personally my second favorite season of the year (Summer is my absolute fave!)

With a new season, comes new décor around the house.  When we think of Fall, we think of pumpkins, leaves changes colors, trick-or-treating, candles burning, pumpkin spice lattes and more!

The coziness of home makes me warm inside just thinking about it!

Shopping for new décor is so fun too! Stores have massive sales and the cutest items!

I personally add touches all around the house. There's something that makes it sooo comfortable. I've included a pic of my dining room table. Super simple, but I love it!

I've got a couple of these candles around the house too! They smelled sooo good!

The smell of the cranberries is perfect for this time of year!

There are a couple more items that I need/want to get. I haven't bought new towels for the kitchen yet, I need to get a couple more items for the mantel.

Can you tell I love this time of year? LOL

Tell us what you think and if you have any creative decorating ideas! I'd love to hear about them!

Here's to a wonderful season ahead,

Vanessa, xoxo




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I love candles too! It makes the house feel cozy!


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