Self-care Affirmations for 2019

Self-care Affirmations for 2019

2019 is going to be phenomenal if you set that intention early on! Have you set your resolutions yet? Started on your vision board? Scheduled your fast? 

What is it that you have set for the year? We sure hope it includes more SELF-CARE!

We us usually fill our lists with "stuff" to do. But when do we fill it with time for ourselves? We tend to put everything and everyone else first.

Let's make it a point to SCHEDULE our self-care time too!

Down time is needed for all of us to be able to function and conquer all of the things we need to in our daily lives.

To help you stay on track here are 5 healthy, self-care affirmations to ensure that we honor our bodies and overall health.

1. When it comes to me, I will be sure to make time for ME.

2. My self-care will begin when I shift my perspective.

3. I look forward to & cherish the time I take to replenish my soul. 

4. I do a better job of taking care of others when I take care of myself.

5. I choose to stop apologizing for taking care of myself.

We'd love to know what you think about this approach to selfcare! Leave us a comment or two below.

            Cheers to divine self-care in 2019!



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I Love this, and I’m also guilty of not taking time to care formyself and the funny thing is; I never realized it until I read this blog!


I love the idea of scheduling me time. Actually putting it down on my calendar will help me stick to it

Aakifah sheares

I love #4! :-)


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