Self Care is a must!

Self Care is a must!

We live in such a fast paced world. We owe it to ourselves to find ways to slow down! Your mind needs a rest. Your body needs a rest. And your soul needs a rest.

I use Sundays as the day to find time to slow down life a little. It's the perfect way to recharge and prepare for the upcoming week. Life keeps on moving so it's our responsibility to ensure that we are the best we can be! Many of us are juggling work, family, community obligations, and more! 

I've put together a list of things that I often do on Sunday to relax, recharge and repair (my mind, body and soul).

-Stream my favorite church service online. I haven't found a church home just yet here in Texas, so I still listen to my pastor back home in Los Angeles.

-Sleep in! I know it sounds bad, but your body needs rest! You can't be effective if you're running on low fuel.

-Make a great breakfast/brunch for your family! It gives me great satisfaction to spend that time together and enjoy each other's company. It renews my spirit for sure!

-Crack open a book that your ordered on Amazon and have yet to start reading it!  Even if it's just one chapter, you can take your mind off the normal stuff for a little while.

-Sunday is definitely a day for me to do a mask and an all over body exfoliation. It's something about having that fresh skin that makes me feel renewed! Hint: Our Coffee & Coconut Scrub is great for this! 

-Light a candle and catch up on your DVR shows. I don't watch much TV, but there are some programs that I really enjoy.

-Write in my journal. Channeling my thoughts through writing is always a great way to "re-set" my mind. Often times when we are so busy, we never really get the chance to sit still and collect our thoughts.

-Turn in early! There's nothing worse than going in to a new week exhausted. Remember Sunday is for rest and recharging, right?


Well there's my list of things that I often do on Sunday. I'd love to hear your ideas too!

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I love the idea about catching up on TV shows! Some days I feel so guilty for doing so!


YES to all of it!❣️


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