Skincare Spring Back!

Skincare Spring Back!

Spring time is here and we are excited!! Spring is the rebirth for many and what better time to “spring back” your skin and your routine.

Changing seasons, means changing how we treat our skin. Unlike the winter months, our spring skincare routine calls for lighter moisturizers. When looking at skincare trends today, we’ve learned that products are including more natural oils and moisturizers as well. Our Body Butters are enriched with Sweet Almond Oil so it’s light yet, leaves your skin moisturized and soft. Try them! 😊

As the temps warm up, we’ll be enjoying the outdoors much more. Keep your SPF handy to help protect from the beautiful yet, potentially damaging sun rays. Regardless of the amount of melanin you have, SPF is needed.

 Exfoliating will be key in keeping your skin fresh and glowing. A little birdie told me that Divine Perfection Body Care has an awesome line of body scrubs that will leave your skin looking and feeling divine 😊. Exfoliating helps your other products to absorb into your skin better too! 

It turns out that staying hydrated is just as important in spring as it is in summer. Keeping your skin looking super refreshed and revitalized helps your makeup go on smoother too! Have you seen our new Signature Spa Water Bottle? They arrived just in time for Spring to make drinking more water easy. Just saying....😊

And don’t forget about your puckers! Our lips often get dry and chapped as the weather changes. Keep our all natural lip balms with you. Don’t leave home without them. Wear them under your gloss or lipstick for added moisturizing. 👄 

A couple of things that we don’t think about are cleaning our makeup brushes and throwing away old products. Cleaning your makeup brushes with warm soap & water WEEKLY, help to keep bacteria away. You can let them air dry or use a blow dryer.  It’s recommended by professionals makeup products  that are 6 months or older should be thrown away. 

Are you ready for spring??? We sure are! Let’s get outdoors and live life!

Leave us a commment and let us know what you think. Also, let us know if you have other tips that could be helpful as we “spring back” our skin! 🌸 


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Thank you for the reminder to clean my makeup brushes!!


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