Step up your "at home spa" game!

Step up your "at home spa" game!

The days of just lighting a candle and pouring a bottle of wine for your bath are over! 

It's time, to step your at home spa game up!

This blog is full of great items to have with you to make your next bath experience a divine one!

Of course you want to have your favorite bubbles with you. Our Stress Relief Body Wash is actually luxurious enough to handle the lather needed for your bath. Grab your favorite wine and the perfect wine glass for the bath!  Check out a cool one here! 

You're on your way to relaxation, but be sure to place your bath pillow in the bath for maximum relaxation. We like this one! 

But wait! What is a great spa experience without the perfect tunes???  We love these cute rose gold bluetooth speakers :-) Play your jazz, classical or whichever music helps you relax.

Ok, do you think you're ready? ...Not quite.

You must be able to read your favorite book without fear of it dropping in the water. Well, then you will want to have this cool bath tub caddy tray. Perfect for holding your book, soap, phone and more!

Now you're ready! Sit back...realax...and enjoy!

P.S. don't forget to moisturize with our Stress Relief Body Butter once you're out of the tub! :-)

Drop a comment and let us know what you think! How will YOU step up your at home spa game?

Until next time,

xoxo Vanessa



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Ok, I’ve literally just read ALL of your blogs LoL. I’m ordering the Graham Coffee and the wine glass holder right NoW! I must have those. Thanks for sharing! 😊😊




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