Tips to Relax & Prepare for 2021

Tips to Relax & Prepare for 2021

We don’t need to mention how “unique” of a year 2020 has been! Many are wanting so badly for it to “just be over”. And as we are in the holiday season it’s been a struggle to stick with normal family traditions, gatherings and celebrations. But to know that we’ve made it this far is a blessing!

We thought  we would provide some ways to relax through this season and prepare for the upcoming year. Relaxation is always a good thing, right? 😀

Here we go:

1. Create a new ritual, or two. Maybe it’s creating a bed time routine, a morning ritual, exercise time or a new way to spend family time. This is a great time of the year to start anew!

2. Make a list of things that make you feel refreshed! These should be activities that don’t take a lot of effort, but leave you feeling awesome. Zoom calls with your friends, a warm bath, movie night with your family. Whatever it may be 😀

3. Practice “intentional gratitude”. Use this time to strengthen relationships and show those you care about how much you appreciate them. This could be sending emails, cards, handwritten notes, etc 💟

4. Get outdoors. If the weather permits, get some fresh air! It does your body and spirit wonders!

5. Use this time to reflect on the year and what it has truly meant to you. What did you learn about yourself? About your family? What will you take with you in to 2021?

However, you spend this holiday season we hope that it is filled with love! We’d love to hear. Drop a comment below! 😀

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I’m so glad to be heading in to a New Year! I will definitely be making that list of things that make me feel refreshed!

Monique T.

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