Who's behind the brand?

Who's behind the brand?

Meet our Founder and CEO, Vanessa Woods-White!

It all started over 15 years ago when she was a single mom with a demanding career that didn't allow for much "me time".  She found herself using her bathroom as a way to take a few moments to escape from the day and "breathe" so that all of her attention can be given to her amazing daughter. After a while she thought " if I'm struggling with this, I'm sure others are too". Long story short she began to make candles and bubble baths to share with her friends. They loved them! At that time she thought she could take on the demand of creating a company that could deliver on a larger scale. Not!  It wasn't the time.  So having her own company went on the back burner....."for now".

Fast forward to 2013 ....it was time! She launched her company on 3/31/13. After almost 5 years of trial and error, re-branding, product evolution, and gaining a wonderful customer base.....Divine Perfection Body Care is here!  A collection of hand-crafted body products that are designed for you to have the perfect at home spa experience!

She shares this story to encourage others to stick to their dreams and never give up! What God has for you...is for you!   

Make it a divine day!

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