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Oprah is not the only one with faves!

We are all familiar with Oprah and how she expresses what her faves are! From books, to beauty products, and more! I for one sure am a fan!  :-) I am no Oprah, but I have a few items that I absolutely love so I thought I would share them with you. When I thought about this topic, I wondered if anyone would even care what my favorites were. But then I realized, we all love to hear about new things to try, right? it goes! :-) One absolute "must have" in my life is a NEW coffee flavor that I stumbled on from Starbucks! O..M..G! I thought Pumpkin Spice was good! This is just as good, if not...

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Fall Decor is so fun!

Well we are right smack in the middle of the Fall Season!  It's personally my second favorite season of the year (Summer is my absolute fave!) With a new season, comes new décor around the house.  When we think of Fall, we think of pumpkins, leaves changes colors, trick-or-treating, candles burning, pumpkin spice lattes and more! The coziness of home makes me warm inside just thinking about it! Shopping for new décor is so fun too! Stores have massive sales and the cutest items! I personally add touches all around the house. There's something that makes it sooo comfortable. I've included a pic of my dining room table. Super simple, but I love it! I've got a couple of these...

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Step up your "at home spa" game!

The days of just lighting a candle and pouring a bottle of wine for your bath are over!  It's time, to step your at home spa game up! This blog is full of great items to have with you to make your next bath experience a divine one! Of course you want to have your favorite bubbles with you. Our Stress Relief Body Wash is actually luxurious enough to handle the lather needed for your bath. Grab your favorite wine and the perfect wine glass for the bath!  Check out a cool one here!  You're on your way to relaxation, but be sure to place your bath pillow in the bath for maximum relaxation. We like this one!  But wait!...

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Out with the old!

Well divine ones, Summer is winding down and Fall is upon us. Do you know what that means? You guessed it...time to DECLUTTER!  With every new season comes new things. You probably bought a new wardrobe for summer. More pools toys were needed. Maybe extra chairs on the patio for entertaining. Whatever it may be you probably don't need it for the upcoming Fall season. So how do you decide what to keep and what to toss? Here are a few tactics that we use to help declutter and rearrange. Ask yourself if you will use the item during the new season (you may have 15 swimsuits, but only need 3 readily available. Pack the others away) Store away all...

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The Summer Skincare Switch-Up

We're mid-way through's your skin holding up?   When we think of summer we think of laying out and getting a tan, enjoying long days at the park with family, laying out by the pool or enjoying a good ole barbeque. Those hours in the sun can be brutal on the skin.  Getting that beautiful bronze skin is awesome, but be sure you are doing all you can to protect it. Summer may require you to "switch up" some things you've been doing. Here's a short list just to keep you focused Exfoliate...we talk about this all the time, because it one of the pillars to having great skin Be sure to use sunscreen even on the "cloudy" summer...

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